RFP Next Steps

Options & Pricing

RFP Next Steps users pay a one-time license fee and an annual renewal. The license fee for any one module is $1,500 with an annual renewal fee of $300. The license fee for all four modules will be $2,500 with an annual renewal fee for the entire next steps program of $500.

License Renewal
Baseline and Strategic Planning modules $1,500 $300
All Modules $2,500 $500

RFP Next Steps is currently under development. The Baseline Module is complete and fully available. The People and Production units of the Strategic Planning module are now available. The Profit unit of the Strategic Planning module is currently under development and will be made available when completed.

To register for the Baseline Module and Strategic Planning modules, complete and submit the following information. You will be redirected to another page for payment information.

 Registration  Renewal
 Auto-Renew (Auto Renews your subscription every year.)
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